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WASK, It is a marketing platform that allows you to optimize your Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Youtube ads through a single channel with smart features and reach more customers.


Smart Audience

One of the most important strategies for your digital ads is the target audience. With WASK, you can manage your existing target audiences and create new smart audiences. Thanks to its smart algorithms, it automatically determines the most suitable audience for your business and allows you to get many more conversions with your ads.

If you don't know who to target your ads to, don't worry! WASK automatically detects your potential audience and places ads. It improves your target audience according to the results of the published ad. Trust this technology!

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Smart Advice

You can check the automatic smart suggestions section to get better results for your live ads. WASK makes it easier for you to work with smart suggestions so that your ads reach the right audience, get more clicks and stay on the air with lower costs.

From time to time, it happens that you don't know how to revise your poorly performing ads. That's perfectly normal. Smart suggestions are a good guide for you.

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You can take more control by creating automatic rules for your ads. Wask's autopilot feature sticks to the metrics you set, prevents your unproductive ads from wasting your budget, and allows you to drive more conversions with your efficient ads.

With the AutoPilot rules you create, you can save time and let your ads manage themselves. Time is valuable. Trust Wask's intelligent algorithms!

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Competitor Analysis

Thanks to the competitor analysis tool, you can see your competitor's monthly traffic and traffic sources. Besides, you are able to examine direct, search, referral, social, or paid traffic and make detailed comments. At the same time, you can also see the traffic received by your competitor's website in accordance with the device distribution.

You can create your advertising strategy more easily and always be one step ahead of your competitors by identifying ads that your competitors are successful in.

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Get full access to all the results of your ad accounts and ads. Get PDF and Excel reports and share them with your teammates. Or check out the automatic reports WASK creates for you.

All results in the reports are complete and 100% accurate. It instantly pulls results from your ad accounts and turns them into meaningful reports. We can also automatically email these reports to you upon request.

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Smart Features
for Digital Marketing

Designed to provide smart solutions to all your problems and needs.

Marketing Integrations

You can run versatile digital marketing by integrating many different platforms into your WASK account. Start smart marketing management right away by gathering all the data you need in one place.

Spend Less Get More Customers

You'll be amazed to see how you can gain more clicks and customers by spending less.

What did users of WASK say?

Check out what thousands of happy customers have to say about WASK.

Arda H.

"I started using WASK using its design tool feature. The fact that I am designing the designs that I can use in my advertisements accelerated my work. I can create the designs I want very quickly and easily, ..."

Farai A.

"I used to work with agencies to follow my ads so far. I do not need them anymore. You guys cannot imagine how easy to follow all your ads (Fb, Instagram, Google, etc.) to be honest I don't know tracking... "

Can D.

"It was useful to track my ads with help of A/B testing. I had a chance to decide which ads are going to be my target audience plus it has saved me from wasted money. I liked the to ability scheduled with the autopilot ... "

Emir E.

"WASK worked so well on reaching out to our target audience. I highly suggest using the A/B testing tool. It is also helping your budget, meaning you do not need to spend money on useless ads. Also, autopilot ..."

Hayley R.

"WASK provides a variety of tools that are successful to my development.I really liked that this software was super flexible and I could use whenever I wanted. It came in handy for my job and has really helped me accomplish what needs to get done."

Karine S.

"it was great, it helped me both in the finalization of my product with many creative options and in the visitsthe various management options, comparisons, and the increase in visits..."

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