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Let AutoPilot Control Your Ads

AutoPilot control your ads efficiency continuously and
it deactivates ads when they fall below specified score automatically.

Control Your Ads Automatically

You can automatically stop your ads at a later date, and with the AutoPilot function. In such cases, you may have your ads checked daily by AutoPilot if you cannot access your ads for holidays or other reasons.

When you activate AutoPilot there is a few period option to control your ads. Wask can track your ads on daily, weekly or every 15 days for you. All you have to do is activate the AutoPilot function and choose your period.

  • Deactivate Inefficient Ads

    Your digital ads have a performance score on every platform that Wask’s run. You can check them whenever you want but for some reasons such as holidays, you couldn’t check your account. In that time your ads performance score could fall below a curtain score and you notice that after holiday.

    This situation decrease your ads efficiency for you. Wask’s AutoPilot takes the controll right here. All you have to do is choose your period for AutoPilot and it deactivates your ads’ performance score fall below a certain score. Thus you take maximum efficincy from your ads automatically.

  • Simple Access, Anytime!

    Reach your digital ads easily from all devices
    and manage them efficiently anywhere, anytime
    digital marketing