Test Your Ads

With the smart tool for A/B testing, you can test your digital ads and stop wasting your budget on underperforming ads.


It's Easy to Find Effective Ads

You can A-B test between Facebook and Instagram ads, between your Google ads, or between your Facebook and Google ads.

After the A-B tests, you can turn off inefficient ads according to the performance results and keep the one that performs the best. What's more, you can let WASK automatically decide which ads to keep running based on the results of the A-B tests.


Other Features

Marketing Integrations

You can run versatile digital marketing by integrating many different platforms into your WASK account. Start smart marketing management right away by gathering all the data you need in one place.

Spend Less Get More Customers

You'll be amazed to see how you can gain more clicks and customers by spending less.


Yes, you can test your different ads with WASK’s A/B testing feature. Thus, you can determine your efficient ads.

WASK allows you to optimize your inefficient ads and automatically change them according to the metrics you set.

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