Discover the Convenience of AutoPilot

In today's world, where time is precious, learn about the AutoPilot feature that allows you to spend less time on your digital ads but still get the best results.


Automatically Create Rules

You can automatically perform stop/start or budget changes by scheduling your Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads.

You can narrow down your metrics like "cost per click, " "impression cost, " or "cost per conversion " and use your budget more efficiently. AutoPilot literally saves you a lot of time.


Automatically Compare Your Budgets

The AutoPilot tool prevents you from spending unnecessarily by automatically closing your ads that exceed your target costs. Or it allows you to spend more on efficient ads by automatically reducing the daily budgets of your digital ads that cost more than you predicted.


Other Features

Marketing Integrations

You can run versatile digital marketing by integrating many different platforms into your WASK account. Start smart marketing management right away by gathering all the data you need in one place.

Spend Less Get More Customers

You'll be amazed to see how you can gain more clicks and customers by spending less.


Yes, by choosing a time l in the rules you create with the autopilot feature, you can automatically manage your ads at the times you specify.

Tracking your metrics such as “cost per click (CPC)”, “cost per impression (CPM)” or “cost per conversion (CPA)” according to the rules you set allows you to manage your budget more accurately and save time.

You can stop or delete your unproductive ads and change daily budget of your ads by automatically analyzing different metrics such as CPC, CPM, CTR and clicks.

Yes Autopilot can automatically detect the less effective or more effective ad and increase/decrease the budget.

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