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Create Target Audience

After clicking the “Create New Audience” button, Wask requests you some informations to create target audience. First you need to select your sector and subtitle of your sector then select your country, business model and the channel you want to advertise to create the true target audience.

After these informations Wask’s AI technology is taking over the task. It creates the true target audience with its always updated unique algorithms.


  • AI-Powered Performance Score

    Wask’s Artificial Intelligence algorithm analyzes all data of your ads and gets a score for each advertisement. This score that is always up to date and provides users to track their ads’ efficiency constantly. Thus you can see if you are on the right way to take most efficiency from your ads or not.


  • What does AI do?
    AI provide you to create your perfect target audience and specify performance score for each ads.
    How do I create my target audience?
    First you should click the “Create New Audience” button then you need specify some information such as sector, country, business model and more. Thus, Wask will create the perfect audience for your ads with the help of AI technology.
    How can Performance Score help me?
    AI system specify performance score for each advertise you have. Thus, you can see the efficiency of your ads and decide perfect marketing strategy.

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