Will I pay separately for each ads account that I connect to Wask?
No, you will not. You will pay for your subscription package only. Our package has different account limits. You can check our packages here.
Which Ads platforms can I connect to Wask?
You can connect Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Google Ads to Wask. LinkedIn Ads and Twitter Ads are coming soon.
How can I connect my all accounts in one platform?
You can connect all your accounts with just one click after login to Wask platform. All you must do is click the “Connect Account” button and you can start managing your account.
How can I create ads after connecting my accounts?
Just click to “Create New Ads” button on dashboard. After you clicked, Wask will ask you some information to take highest efficiency from your ads and system will create new ads in seconds.
How can I manage all my ads accounts in one screen?
After you connect your accounts you will see all ads data in one screen. In addition, you can screen only one or more ads accounts instead of all accounts.
What will I do if I have no visual or video for my ads?
Your Personal Advisor is always ready for you. If you do not have any visual or video for your ads, you can choose “I want my digital consultant to prepare my ads visuals and texts” to take help from personal advisor to create advertise.
What kind of advertises I can create with Wask?
You can create any type of advertises such as online, business, social media ads and more with Wask.
What is Scheduler?
Scheduler is one of Wask’s feature to plan your advertisement process. You just need to select start, stop or delete ads and date then scheduler will do that on time.
How can I create new task with Scheduler?
Click “Create New Task” button from Scheduler tab and choose your account, your ad and specify the date to start/stop/delete your ads automatically.
How does Scheduler help me to manage my budget?
You can stop your ads automatically when they reached to the amount that you have specified before. Thus, you can control your money as you want.
What is AutoPilot?
AutoPilot is a unique feature of Wask that provide to take highest efficiency from ads.
How can I control my ads with AutoPilot?
When you have no time to check your ads performance, just active AutoPilot. It controls your ads for you periodically.
How can AutoPilot help me for my inefficient advertises?
Wask creates a performance score for every ads that you have. AutoPilot control all ads continuously and stops advertises which its score is below under specified score automatically.
Can I control more than one advertises with AutoPilot?
You can control all advertises without any limitation with AutoPilot.
What does Performance Comparison do?
Performance Comparison provides you to choose the most efficient ad by comparing both.
How can I compare my advertises?
You can start comparing your ads by choosing two of them. This comparison based on data such as amount spent, conversion, cost per click and more.
What does efficiency score help?
Wask create a score with the help of unique AI system by calculating cost per click, convention etc. It helps you to manage your advertise campaigns and budget in the most efficient way.
What does AI do?
AI provide you to create your perfect target audience and specify performance score for each ads.
How do I create my target audience?
First you should click the “Create New Audience” button then you need specify some information such as sector, country, business model and more. Thus, Wask will create the perfect audience for your ads with the help of AI technology.
How can Performance Score help me?
AI system specify performance score for each advertise you have. Thus, you can see the efficiency of your ads and decide perfect marketing strategy.
At which stages Personal Advisor will help me?
You can take Personal Advisor’s advice anytime. They are always ready to help you to create your own advertise (optionally) and marketing strategy.
Do I need to extra pay for Personal Advisor?
No, Personal Advisor service is free for premium and professional packages.
How can I avoid from unnecessary expenses with Budget Management?
Wask provide you to control and manage your budget by limiting your expenses automatically, stopping nonproductive advertises and creating best marketing strategy for you.
What happens when my advertises’ efficiency score is low?
Your ads automatically stop by Wask if determined their efficiency are low.
How can Personal Advisor contribute to my budget?
With the help of personal advisor, you can plan your advertising and avoid unnecessary expenses until you find the right strategy.
Will my data be stored in Wask’s server?
The data of your advertises are kept in Wask’s safe servers during your subscription.
How can I connect my accounts to Wask platform without giving any password?
When you click on the “Connect Account” button when connecting your accounts, the login page of the relevant company opens and you log in via that page. Wask never ask your accounts’ passwords.
What will happen to my data after I unsubscribe Wask?
If you unsubscribe, all data you have in Wask’s platform delete permanently.

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