Discover Customized Reports

Track in detail the reporting of all critical metrics related to your digital ads. You can download your reports in PDF or Excel format or share them with your teammates.


Track Every Detail Closely

You can easily track the key metrics of your Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads such as "Impressions, " "Clicks, " "Quality Scores, " "Conversion Rates, " "Conversion Acquisition Costs, " "CPC, " "CPM, " "CTR, " "ROI " on the screens.

You can access all the results from anywhere, within the period you specify or with the automatic reports generated by WASK.


Compare Results

By comparing the performance results of your digital ads, you can more accurately determine your revenue after publishing your ads. You can save more by making budget comparisons, or you can run more successful ads by comparing important metrics such as conversion rates.

You don't have to use different tools to create a funnel for your digital ads. With WASK’s reporting tool, you can easily access all the important data.


Other Features

Marketing Integrations

You can run versatile digital marketing by integrating many different platforms into your WASK account. Start smart marketing management right away by gathering all the data you need in one place.

Spend Less Get More Customers

You'll be amazed to see how you can gain more clicks and customers by spending less.


Yes, you can report your data in the date range you have selected, thanks to WASK ‘s reporting feature.

Yes, thanks to WASK’s reporting feature, you can analyze your data from different ad accounts in a single report.

Yes, if you want, you are able to download your reports and share with your colleague.

Yes you can see the Cost Per Click, Cost Per Millie, and many more results of your ads on Reporting on WASK.

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