Auto Manage
Your Facebook & Instagram Ads Comments

It's essential to monitor Facebook and Instagram ads comments. Your ads can cause more harm than good if the discussion gets out of control. So, no need to worry about your Facebook & Instagram ads comments anymore.


Automatically Reply to Your Facebook & Instagram Ads Comments

Have difficulty in following your Facebook and Instagram ads comments? Get excited for automated replies for your ad accounts! From now on, track all comments from a single dashboard to never miss out any future opportunities and engagement. By auto responding to each comment, double the engagement on your post, increasing the number of your content views.


Automatically Delete Negative Comments on Your Facebook & Instagram Ads Comments

Not satisfied with offensive or negative comments on your ads comments? Automated hidden or deleted comments feature is a great way to expand your digital marketing reach. Use specific keywords and phrases for your needs to manage negative comments on your ads in one single place!


Other Features

Marketing Integrations

You can run versatile digital marketing by integrating many different platforms into your WASK account. Start smart marketing management right away by gathering all the data you need in one place.

Spend Less Get More Customers

You'll be amazed to see how you can gain more clicks and customers by spending less.

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