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Delivery and Refund
1. Parties
Seller * Wask Information Technologies, Inc. - wask.co- Buyer - All Purchasers from Wask.co will be referred to as 'Users' Consultant * Experts in Wask.co delivering work to the Buyer - Consultant. Reviews 2. Description
Wask.co is an intermediary platform that users use to manage their Digital marketing processes and resolve Digital services. Wask.co delivers the work received from the Buyer through its Consultants. Reviews 3. Terms
All PARTIES using digital marketing and digital services on the Wask.co platform declare that they accept the following terms and conditions.
3.1 The Wask.co platform is a platform that solves the digital needs of digital marketing and digital markets.
3.2 The Consultants may not provide credit card information-Account information-Token-access codes, etc., under any circumstances. they do not want private information. Before the start of the business, the account, etc. Wask.co receives login information, stores it safely and shares Wask.co with the consultant. Wask Information Technologies Inc. cannot be held responsible for any information shared with any consultant other than Wask.com. No legal liability is accepted.
3.3 When the received digital marketing package expires, the user must receive a new package. Otherwise the service will be stopped. Reviews 3.4 In Digital Marketing and Digital Market, Consultants can direct the right solution partners (outsourcing) to solve digital needs and lead you to the right strategy. Wask.co is not responsible for any technical or material problems experienced by these solution partners (external resources). 3.5 A consultant shall be appointed within 1-5 business days after payment has been made to job requests opened by users on Wask.co platform. Consultants will return to the buyer for late delivery. Reviews 3.6 The User shall comply with all the terms and conditions contained in the User Agreement, the rules specified in the User Agreement, and all applicable legislation, while performing the membership procedures, making use of the Site's Service, and performing any operations related to the accept, declare and undertake that you understand and approve all terms and conditions.
4. Delivery & Returns
4.1 Refund of the received consultancy / work packages can be made on the same day, no refund on the day after the start of business
4.2 Consultancy / Delivered work packages will be delivered by the consultants within the specified working days for each job in the digital market within +24 hours. Otherwise, the buyer will be notified. Reviews 4.3 For the delivery of the services received, the date of commencement shall be taken as basis. When the service period is over, the buyer makes the purchase again and ensures the continuity of the service received.